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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Biotransformations using prokaryotic P450 monooxygenasesUrlacher, Vlada B.; Schmid, Rolf D.
2016An automatic safety-based test case generation approach based on systems-theoretic process analysisAbdulkhaleq, Asim; Wagner, Stefan
2012Field testing of feedforward collective pitch control on the CART2 using a nacelle-based lidar scannerSchlipf, David; Fleming, Paul; Haizmann, Florian; Scholbrock, Andrew; Hofsäß, Martin; Wright, Alan; Cheng, Po Wen
2016An industrial case study on the evaluation of a safety engineering approach for software-intensive systems in the automotive domainAbdulkhaleq, Asim; Vöst, Sebastian; Wagner, Stefan; Thomas, John
2002Electronic PublishingScholze, Frank; Stephan, Werner
2004Molecular modelling of family GH16 glycoside hydrolases : potential roles for xyloglucan endotransglucosylases/hydrolases in cell wall modification in the PoaceaeStrohmeier, Marco; Hrmova, Maria; Fischer, Markus; Harvey, Andrew J.; Pleiss, Jürgen; Fincher, Geoffrey B.
2004Structure and dynamics of Candida rugosa lipase : the role of organic solventTejo, Bimo Ario; Abu Bakar Salleh; Pleiss, Jürgen
2003Design of acetylcholinesterases for biosensor applicationsSchulze, Holger; Vorlová, Sandra; Villatte, Francois; Bachmann, Till T.; Schmid, Rolf D.
1987Kapitel 8, Grundwasserschutz : Sanierung kontaminierter StandorteGrimm-Strele, Jost; Kobus, Helmut; Geldner, Peter
2006A comparative study of extraction and purification methods for environmental DNA from soil and sludge samplesRoh, Changhyun; Villatte, Francois; Kim, Byung-Gee; Schmid, Rolf D.