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Authors: Xia, Zhuge
Title: Assessment of altimetric river water level time series densification methods
Issue Date: 2018 Abschlussarbeit (Master) XIII, 55, XIX
Abstract: Nowadays, collecting and analysing water level time series recorded by gauging stations or by satellite altimetry is crucial for the geodetic and environmental purposes, such as modelling ocean circulation and monitoring climate change. Since the 1970s, a large number of gauging stations has been removed. This has made altimetry increasing more important. However, data collected by individual altimetric satellites are limited, i.e., the temporal resolution is limited to the repeat cycle of satellites, and the spatial resolution is constrained to the distribution of virtual stations. In order to overcome these limitations, methods have been developed to combine all available altimetric satellite missions along a river to construct a new densified time series. This is referred to as densification. To our knowledge, there are only two proven densification methods applied to the river for now. The first is a hydraulic statistic densification method developed by Tourian et al. (2016). The other is the kriging densification method published by Boergens et al. (2017). However, each of them is realized under different circumstances, which makes them incomparable with each other. In this work, we implement the two densification methods and apply them under similar conditions. The various densified water level time series are compared and analysed both visually and statistically. Results reveal different characteristics of the two densification methods.
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