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dc.contributor.advisorWieprecht, Silke (Prof. Dr.-Ing.)-
dc.contributor.authorSchröder, Hans Christoph-
dc.description.abstractDue to a lack of site-related information, Pico hydropower (PHP) has hardly been a projectable resource so far. This is particularly true for large area PHP potential information that could open a perspective to increase the size of development projects by aggregating individual PHP installations. The present work is extending the capabilities of GIS based hydropower potential assessment into the PHP domain through a GIS based PHP potential assessment procedure that facilitates the discrimination of areas without high head PHP potential against areas with PHP potential and against areas with so called “favorable PHP potential”. The basic unit of the spatial output is determined by the underlying PHP potential definition of this work: a standardized PHP installation and the required hydraulic source, together called standard unit, are located on an area of one square kilometer. The gradation of the output is a consequence of the verification techniques. Several large area PHP potential field assessment methods, based on contemplative analysis techniques, are developed in this work. Field assessments were conducted in Yunnan Province/China, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Sri Lanka. The aim for all field assessments is to get a comprehensive view on the PHP potential distribution of the entire country/province. Application of the GIS based PHP potential assessment procedure is aimed at the global tropical and subtropical regions.en
dc.publisherStuttgart : Eigenverlag des Instituts für Wasser- und Umweltsystemmodellierung der Universität Stuttgartde
dc.relation.ispartofseriesMitteilungen / Institut für Wasser- und Umweltsystemmodellierung, Universität Stuttgart;260-
dc.titleLarge-scale high head pico hydropower potential assessmenten
ubs.fakultaetBau- und Umweltingenieurwissenschaftende
ubs.institutInstitut für Wasser- und Umweltsystemmodellierungde
ubs.publikation.seitenXIII, 136, 12de
ubs.schriftenreihe.nameMitteilungen / Institut für Wasser- und Umweltsystemmodellierung, Universität Stuttgartde
ubs.thesis.grantorBau- und Umweltingenieurwissenschaftende
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