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Authors: Seitz, Andreas
Avezum, Mariana
Bruegge, Bernd
Wagner, Stefan
Title: Interdisciplinary system courses - teaching agile systems engineering
Issue Date: 2019 Konferenzbeitrag Workshop on Innovative Software Engineering Education (2nd, 2019, Stuttgart) 11-18 Proceedings of the Workshops of the Software Engineering Conference 2019 : Stuttgart, Germany, February 19, 2019 / ed. by Stephan Krusche ... - 2019 (CEUR workshop proceedings vol. 2308). - URN: urn:nbn:de:0074-2308-1, S. 11-18
Abstract: With the advent of technologies like the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and Cyber-Physical Systems, many software engineering courses turn into system engineering courses. Recent advances in technologies such as 3D printing and low-cost micro controllers enable to teach agile hard- and software co-design in system engineering courses. In this paper, we describe Interdisciplinary System Courses (ISC) - a teaching approach based on interdisciplinary projects, light-weight agile techniques and solving real problems by integrating industry customers. We describe our experiences from an exploratory case study where we applied ISC in a two-week international summer school with a customer from the aerospace industry. We derive a set of hypotheses on the effects of ISC.
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