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dc.contributor.advisorSeifert, Udo (Prof. Dr.)-
dc.contributor.authorFischer, Lukas P.-
dc.description.abstractA recent result of stochastic thermodynamics is the so-called thermodynamic uncertainty relation (TUR). This relation, appearing in the form of an inequality, bounds the precision of fluctuating currents by the entropic costs that are required to drive the non-vanishing mean of the observable. As a consequence, the relation enables the access to parameters that are not accessible in an experimental setting via the precision of a experimentally accessible observable. For instance, it was possible to bound the efficiency of molecular machines by means of their measurable moments of motion. Albeit being generalized and modified to more general terms and dynamics, the putative generalization of the thermodynamic uncertainty relation to underdamped dynamics where the inertia is not negligible remains a puzzling problem. Although there are convincing indications for the overdamped TUR being valid for underdamped dynamics as well in some systems, a straightforward application can also lead to violations of the bound. This thesis summarizes the efforts towards an underdamped generalization of the thermodynamic uncertainty relation and shows challenges and chances that come along by generalization of the TUR. To this end, the intriguing limitations of the TUR in the underdamped domain are explored and discussed. For instance, the TUR is inherently broken for finite times where the evolution is governed by ballistic dynamics due to the inertia being present. Furthermore, it is possible to improve the precision beyond the overdamped bound in presence of velocity dependent forces such as the Lorentz force induced by a magnetic field. Beyond the limitations of the TUR in the underdamped regime, this thesis gives a thorough analysis of the proof that leads to the TUR in the overdamped regime and discusses the obstacles which have to be overcome to find the sought-after proof that is valid for underdamped dynamics. The method is illustrated by deriving thermodynamic bounds that are, however, not as transparent and often not as tight as the original TUR. Finally, a conjecture for a generalized TUR is presented which is based on the precision of free diffusion and holds for all times. The corresponding bound converges to the overdamped TUR in the appropriate limit and tightly bounds the precision, even in the ballistic regime. Being based on free diffusion this conjecture also puts the interpretation of the original TUR in a different perspective.en
dc.titleTowards an underdamped thermodynamic uncertainty relationen
ubs.fakultaetMathematik und Physikde
ubs.institutInstitut für Theoretische Physik IIde
ubs.publikation.seitenxxvi, 108de
ubs.thesis.grantorMathematik und Physikde
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