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Authors: Baum, Martina
Noller, Hanna
Klawiter, Sebastian
Title: Realexperimente - on the search for new possibilities
Other Titles: Zine C
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Stuttgart : Reallabor für nachhaltige Mobilitätskultur - Future City Lab Arbeitspapier 23
Series/Report no.: Reallabor für nachhaltige Mobilitätskultur;english compact,C
URI: English compact of Realexperimente - Auf der Suche nach neuen Möglichkeiten, Zine C (2020) s.
Abstract: Why is it worthwhile to implement Realexperimente as transdisciplinary teaching formats? What expertise is needed for this? Should the teaching format of Realexperimente be made permanent? Which Realexperimente were implemented and how did they differ from each other? This zine describes the experiences and findings from three Realexperimente on the topic of sustainable mobility culture, planned and implemented at the Institute of Urban Planning and Design, Chair of Urban Planning and Design at the University of Stuttgart.
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