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Authors: Wagner, Stefan
Title: Modelling the quality economics of defect-detection techniques
Issue Date: 2006 Konferenzbeitrag International Workshop on Software Quality (4th, 2006, Shanghai) WoSQ '06: Proceedings of the 2006 international workshop on Software quality, May 2006. New York, NY : ACM, 2006. - ISBN 978-1-59593-399-7, S. 69-74
ISBN: 978-1-59593-399-7
Abstract: There are various ways to evaluate defect-detection techniques. However, for a comprehensive evaluation the only possibility is to reduce all influencing factors to costs. There are already some models and metrics for the cost of quality that can be used in that context. These models allow the structuring of the costs but do not show all influencing factors and their relationships. This paper proposes an analytical model for the economics of defect-detection techniques that can be used for analysis and optimisation of the usage of such techniques. In particular we analyse the sensitivity of the model and how the model can be applied in practice.
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