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Authors: Speth, Sandro
Stieß, Sarah
Frank, Sebastian
Becker, Steffen
Title: Iterative and incremental refinement of microservice-based architectures and SLOs
Issue Date: 2022 Konferenzbeitrag Agility with Microservices Programming Workshop (2022, Kopenhagen) 3
Abstract: In an agile development process, non-functional requirements and software architectures continuously change, making it hard to extract and manage appropriate Service Level Objectives (SLO). We propose an interactive toolchain to support the architect in iteratively and incrementally adapting SLOs and architecture alongside each other. Our toolchain utilises the results of experiments and SLO violation impact analyses to guide the architect's adaptation decisions, reflecting continuously changing and imprecise requirements. Prototypes of the presented tools already exist. In this paper, we envision their interconnection and required extensions.
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