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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1981The insulin requirement of insulin dependent diabetics applying different open loop insulin infusion systemsSchulz, Gerhard; Beyer, Jürgen; Strack, Thomas; Krause, Ulrich; Nagel, Joachim H.
1994Neural network classification of normal and Alzheimer's disease subjects using high-resolution and low-resolution PET camerasKippenhan, Jonathan Shane; Barker, Warren W.; Nagel, Joachim H.; Grady, Cheryl; Duara, Ranjan
1992Evaluation of a neural-network classifier for PET scans of normal and Alzheimer's disease subjectsKippenhan, Jonathan Shane; Barker, Warren W.; Pascal, Shlomo; Nagel, Joachim H.; Duara, Ranjan
1993Differential patterns of dynamic cardiovascular regulation as a function of taskHurwitz, Barry E.; Nelesen, Richard A.; Saab, Patrice G.; Nagel, Joachim H.; Spitzer, Susan B.; Gellman, Marc D.; McCabe, Philip M.; Phillips, Donna J.; Schneiderman, Neil
1985Spectral analysis of the fetal phonocardiogramNagel, Joachim H.
1993The cold pressor test : vascular and myocardial response patterns and their stabilitySaab, Patrice G.; Llabre, Maria M.; Hurwitz, Barry E.; Schneiderman, Neil; Wohlgemut, William; Durel, Lynn A.; Massie, Clifford; Nagel, Joachim H.
1993Signal fidelity requirements for deriving impedance cardiographic measures of cardiac function over a broad heart rate rangeHurwitz, Barry E.; Shyu, Liang-Yu; Lu, Chih-Cheng; Reddy, Sridhar P.; Schneiderman, Neil; Nagel, Joachim H.
1982Die Entwicklung von Insulininfusionsprofilen zur Therapie insulinpflichtiger Diabetiker mit tragbaren InsulininfusionssystemenSchulz, Gerhard; Beyer, Jürgen; Strack, Thomas; Krause, Ulrich; Nagel, Joachim H.; Cordes, Uwe; Weber, Thomas
1982Entwurfsverfahren digitaler FilterZhou, Li Gao; Kartmann, Peter; Nagel, Joachim H.; Schaldach, Max
1989New signal processing techniques for improved precision of noninvasive impedance cardiographyNagel, Joachim H.; Shyu, Liang-Yu; Reddy, Sridhar P.; Hurwitz, Barry E.; McCabe, Philip M.; Schneiderman, Neil