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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993Einfluß des naturnahen Gewässerausbaus auf den GeschiebetransportWieprecht, Silke; Kraus, Werner
1990Die gesellschaftliche Erfahrung und Bewertung von Risiken : eine OrtsbestimmungRenn, Ortwin
1992Effects of chronic administration and withdrawal of antidepressant agents on circadian activity rhythms in ratsWollnik, Franziska
1986Effects of adult or perinatal hormonal environment on ultradian rhythms in locomotor activity of laboratory LEW/Ztm ratsWollnik, Franziska; Döhler, Klaus-Dieter
199328-51 GHz dynamic frequency divider based on 0.15 μm T-gate Al0.2Ga0.8As/In0.25Ga0.75As MODFETsThiede, Andreas; Tasker, Paul; Hülsmann, Axel; Köhler, Klaus; Bronner, Wolfgang; Schlechtweg, Michael; Berroth, Manfred; Braunstein, Jürgen; Nowotny, Ulrich
1993An 18-34-GHz dynamic frequency divider based on 0.2-μm AlGaAs/GaAs/AlGaAs quantum-well transistorsThiede, Andreas; Berroth, Manfred; Nowotny, Ulrich; Seibel, Jörg; Bosch, Roland; Köhler, Klaus; Raynor, Brian; Schneider, Joachim
1988Effects of constant darkness and constant light on circadian organization and reproductive responses in the ramEbling, Francis J. P.; Lincoln, Gerald A.; Wollnik, Franziska; Anderson, Norah
1991A 2.5 ns 8 x 8-b parallel multiplier using 0.5 μm GaAs/GaAlAs heterostructure field effect transistorsBerroth, Manfred; Hurm, Volker; Nowotny, Ulrich; Hülsmann, Axel; Kaufel, Gudrun; Köhler, Klaus; Raynor, Brian; Schneider, Joachim
1982Spontaneous short-term fluctuations in the daily pattern of heart rate, body temperature and locomotor activity in the laboratory ratBüttner, Dietmar; Wollnik, Franziska
1984Entwurf und Auswahl von ProgrammiersprachenLudewig, Jochen; Sandmayr, Helmut