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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Determination of stationary and dynamical power curves using a nacelle-based lidar systemWürth, Ines; Rettenmeier, Andreas; Schlipf, David; Cheng, Po Wen; Wächter, Matthias; Rinn, Philip; Peinke, Joachim
2012Field testing of feedforward collective pitch control on the CART2 using a nacelle-based lidar scannerSchlipf, David; Fleming, Paul; Haizmann, Florian; Scholbrock, Andrew; Hofsäß, Martin; Wright, Alan; Cheng, Po Wen
2013Chemosensitivity of testicular germ cell tumors is based on high constitutive Noxa protein levels and a functional p53 responseGutekunst, Matthias
2013Entwicklung eines autologen Fettgewebeersatzes mit angiogenen Eigenschaften auf Basis einer adipogenen Alginatmatrix in Kombination mit humanen mesenchymalen StammzellenHandel, Marina
2012Polarization scramblers with plasmonic meander-type metamaterialsSchau, Philipp; Fu, Liwei; Frenner, Karsten; Schäferling, Martin; Schweizer, Heinz; Giessen, Harald; Gaspar Venancio, Luis Miguel; Osten, Wolfgang
2008X-ray investigation of Nb/O interfacesDelheusy, Mélissa
2012Experimental investigation of MHD impact on argon plasma flows by variation of magnetic flux densityKnapp, A.; Fulge, Hannes; Herdrich, Georg; Ono, N.; Wernitz, Ricarda; Auweter-Kurtz, Monika; Röser, Hans-Peter; Fasoulas, Stefanos
2011Full-wave simulations of the O-X-B mode conversion in a realistic experimental geometry in the RFX-mod deviceKöhn, Alf; Bilato, Roberto; Volpe, Francesco; Paccagnella, Roberto
2014Comparison of linear and nonlinear model predictive control of wind turbines using LIDARSchlipf, David; Grau, Patrick; Raach, Steffen; Duraiski, Ricardo; Trierweiler, Jorge; Cheng, Po Wen
2006Modeling and identification of nonlinear systems using SISO LEM-Hammerstein and LEM-Wiener model structuresBolognese Fernandes, Pedro; Schlipf, David; Trierweiler, Jorge O.