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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Modeling and identification of nonlinear systems using MIMO LEM-Hammerstein structureSchlipf, David; Bolognese Fernandes, Pedro; Trierweiler, Jorge O.
2006A software reliability model based on a geometric sequence of failure ratesWagner, Stefan; Fischer, Helmut
2006A model and sensitivity analysis of the quality economics of defect-detection techniquesWagner, Stefan
2015Comparative sensitivity analysis of muscle activation dynamicsRockenfeller, Robert; Günther, Michael; Schmitt, Syn; Götz, Thomas
2015Detection of wind evolution and lidar trajectory optimization for lidar-assisted wind turbine controlSchlipf, David; Haizmann, Florian; Cosack, Nicolai; Siebers, Tom; Cheng, Po Wen
2016Rapid quality assurance with requirements smellsFemmer, Henning; Méndez Fernández, Daniel; Wagner, Stefan; Eder, Sebastian
2014Comparative analysis of the nuclear receptors CAR, PXR and PPARα in the regulation of hepatic energy homeostasis and xenobiotic metabolismKandel, Benjamin
2014[μ-3,3'-Diisopropyl-1,1'-(propane-1,3-diyl)bis(1,3-diazinan-2-ylidene)]bis[bromido(η4-cycloocta-1,5-diene)rhodium(I)]Pawar, Gajanan Manohar; Wurst, Klaus; Wang, Dongren; Buchmeiser, Michael
2013Theoretical hill-type muscle and stability : numerical model and applicationSchmitt, Syn; Günther, Michael; Rupp, Tille; Bayer, Alexandra; Häufle, Daniel F. B.
2013Broadly tunable femtosecond near- and mid-IR source by direct pumping of an OPA with a 41.7 MHz Yb:KGW oscillatorKrauth, Joachim; Steinmann, Andy; Hegenbarth, Robin; Conforti, Matteo; Giessen, Harald