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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1966Characteristics of three nuclear emulsions for autoradiography at the electron microscopeHülser, Dieter F.; Rajewsky, Manfred F.
1981Increased radioresistance of cells in cultured multicell spheroids. 1, Dependence on cellular interactionDertinger, Hermann; Hülser, Dieter F.
1971Synchronisation in vivo: temporary inhibition of DNA synthesis in the rat embryo with hydroxyureaRajewsky, Manfred F.; Fabricius, Erika; Hülser, Dieter F.
1989Hydrogen ion-mediated enhancement of cytotoxicity of bis-chloroethylating drugs in rat mammary carcinoma cells in vitroJähde, Eckhard; Glüsenkamp, Karl-Heinz; Klünder, Irene; Hülser, Dieter F.; Tietze, Lutz-F.; Rajewsky, Manfred F.
1974Ionic coupling between nonexcitable cells in cultureHülser, Dieter F.
1973Relation between ionic coupling and morphology of established cells in cultureHülser, Dieter F.; Webb, Dennis J.
1973The use of the tip potential of glass microelectrodes in the determination of low cell membrane potentialsHülser, Dieter F.; Webb, Dennis J.
1973Gap and low resistance junctions between cells in cultureHülser, Dieter F.; Demsey, Anthony
1971Stimulierung von Kulturen embryonaler Rattenzellen durch eine Proteinfraktion aus fötalem Kälberserum : 1, Elektrophysiologische Messungen an den OberflächenmembranenHülser, Dieter F.; Frank, Werner
1982Bioelectric responses at fertilization : separation of the events associated with insemination from those due to the cortical reaction in sea urchin, Lytechinus variegatusHülser, Dieter F.; Schatten, Gerald