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Authors: Daszkowski, Thomas
Eigenberger, Gerhart
Title: A reevaluation of fluid flow, heat transfer and chemical reaction in catalyst filled tubes
Issue Date: 1992 Zeitschriftenartikel Chemical Engineering Science 47 (1992), S. 2245-2250
Abstract: The problem of heat transfer through the wall in catalyst filled tubes with a tube to particle diameter ratio greater than 4 - 5 and industrial flow rates with and without chemical reaction has been reevaluated through detailed experiments and model calculations. The results confirm and extend findings of Vortmeyer et al. that reaction and heat transfer can only be modeled with independently determined parameters if the radial variation of the axial mass flow velocity is properly considered. In this case the wall heat transfer coefficient hw, and the effective conductivity λr are independent of lenght and have values about 20 to 40 % lower than those obtained from available correlations that are based upon plug flow.
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