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dc.contributor.authorWitt, Johannesde
dc.contributor.authorBarisic, Sandrade
dc.contributor.authorSawodny, Oliverde
dc.contributor.authorEderer, Michaelde
dc.contributor.authorKulms, Dagmarde
dc.contributor.authorSauter, Thomasde
dc.description.abstractStimulation of human epithelial cells with IL-1 (10 ng/ml) + UVB radiation results in sustained NFκB activation caused by continuous IKKbeta phosphorylation. We have recently published a strictly reduced ordinary differential equation model elucidating the involved mechanisms. Here, we compare model extensions for low IL-1 doses (0.5 ng/ml), where delayed IKKbeta phosphorylation is observed. The extended model including a positive regulatory element, most likely auto-ubiquitination of TRAF6, reproduces the observed experimental data most convincingly. The extension is shown to be consistent with the original model and contains very sensitive processes which may serve as potential intervention targets.en
dc.subject.classificationUltraviolett B , Interleukin 1-beta , Nuklearfaktor Kappa B , Mathematische Modellierung , Systembiologiede
dc.subject.otherIKKbeta , TRAF6 , mathematical model , IL-1 , UVBen
dc.titleModeling time delay in the NFκB signaling pathway following low dose IL-1 stimulationen
ubs.fakultaetFakultät Energie-, Verfahrens- und Biotechnikde
ubs.fakultaetFakultät Konstruktions-, Produktions- und Fahrzeugtechnikde
ubs.fakultaetFakultätsübergreifend / Sonstige Einrichtungde
ubs.institutInstitut für Zellbiologie und Immunologiede
ubs.institutInstitut für Systemdynamikde
ubs.institutSonstige Einrichtungde
ubs.publikation.sourceEURASIP journal on bioinformatics and systems biology (2011), 2011:3. URL
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