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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Simultaneous calibration of hydrological models in geographical spaceBárdossy, András; Huang, Yingchun; Wagener, Thorsten
2018PULSim: user-based adaptable simulation tool for railway planning and operationsCui, Yong; Martin, Ullrich; Liang, Jiajian
2019A microstructurally-based, multi-scale, continuum-mechanical model of skeletal muscle tissueBleiler, Christian; Ponte Castañeda, Pedro; Röhrle, Oliver
2016Mobile measurement techniques for local and micro-scale studies in urban and topo-climatologySeidel, Jochen; Ketzler, Gunnar; Bechtel, Benjamin; Thies, Boris; Philipp, Andreas; Böhner, Jürgen; Egli, Sebastian; Eisele, Micha; Herma, Felix; Langkamp, Thomas; Petersen, Erik; Sachsen, Timo; Schlabing, Dirk; Schneider, Christoph
2017Qualitätsabhängige Kanalnetzsteuerung - Konzeption und Umsetzung lokaler und stadtgebietsweiter Steuerungsstrategien : Leitfaden ; SAMUWA PublikationRaith, Katja Ines; Hoppe, Holger; Kutsch, Stefan; Ante, Jens; Massing, Christian
2017Detoxification of pesticide-containing wastewater with FeIII, activated carbon and Fenton reagent and its control using three standardized bacterial inhibition testsRott, Eduard; Pittmann, Timo; Wasielewski, Stephan; Kugele, Amélie; Minke, Ralf
2018A new simulation framework for soil-root interaction, evaporation, root growth, and solute transportKoch, Timo; Heck, Katharina; Schröder, Natalie; Class, Holger; Helmig, Rainer
2016Integrale Abflusssteuerung in Mischsystemen : Aspekte zu deren Einführung ; Leitfaden ; SAMUWA PublikationHaas, Ulrich; Ruf, Oliver; Dittmer, Ulrich; Schütze, Manfred
2019Behavior of PBTC, HEDP, and aminophosphonates in the process of wastewater treatmentRott, Eduard; Happel, Oliver; Armbruster, Dominic; Minke, Ralf
2018On laterally perturbed human stance: experiment, model, and controlSuissa, Dan; Günther, Michael; Shapiro, Amir; Melzer, Itshak; Schmitt, Syn