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2008Material forces in finite inelasticity and structural dynamics : topology optimization, mesh refinement and fractureZimmermann, Dominik
2007Micro-macro approaches to rubbery and glassy polymers : predictive micromechanically-based models and simulationsGöktepe, Serdar
2010On the formulation and numerical implementation of dissipative electro-mechanics at large strainsRosato, Daniele
2011A variational framework for gradient-extended dissipative continua : application to damage mechanics, fracture, and plasticityWelschinger, Fabian Richard
2017Variational multiphysics modeling of diffusion in elastic solids and hydraulic fracturing in porous mediaMauthe, Steffen Alexander
2015A 3D continuum-mechanical model for forward-dynamics simulations of the upper limbSprenger, Michael
2017Fluid-phase transitions in a multiphasic model of CO2 sequestration into deep aquifers : a fully coupled analysis of transport phenomena and solid deformationHäberle, Kai
2016Mechanics of nonlocal dissipative solids: gradient plasticity and phase field modeling of ductile fractureAldakheel, Fadi
2008Multiphasic flow processes in deformable porous media under consideration of fluid phase transitionsGraf, Tobias
2016The role of parvalbumin, sarcoplasmatic reticulum calcium pump rate, rates of cross-bridge dynamics, and ryanodine receptor calcium current on peripheral muscle fatigue: a simulation studyRöhrle, Oliver; Neumann, Verena; Heidlauf, Thomas