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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Model concepts for coupling free flow with porous medium flow at the pore-network scale : from single-phase flow to compositional non-isothermal two-phase flowWeishaupt, Kilian
2020Entwicklung und Validierung eines CSB-basierten und temperatursensitiven Bemessungsansatzes für Tropfkörper : Untersuchungen an technischen und halbtechnischen Tropfkörpern in warmen KlimazonenSeeger, Michael
2020Using influence matrices as a design and analysis tool for adaptive truss and beam structuresSteffen, Simon; Weidner, Stefanie; Blandini, Lucio; Sobek, Werner
2020Integrating transient flow conditions into groundwater well protectionRodríguez Pretelín, Abelardo
2020Mixed-dimension models for flow and transport processes in porous media with embedded tubular network systemsKoch, Timo
2020Improving thermochemical energy storage dynamics forecast with physics-inspired neural network architecturePraditia, Timothy; Walser, Thilo; Oladyshkin, Sergey; Nowak, Wolfgang
2020Ductility in timber structures - possibilities and requirements with regard to dowel type fastenersBrühl, Frank
2020Probabilistic analysis of crack growth in railway axles using a Gaussian processHe, Jiajie; Cui, Yong; Liu, Yusun; Wang, Hui
2020Magneto-electro-elasticity of soft bodies across scalesRambausek, Matthias
2020Sichere Trinkwasserversorgung trotz Klimawandel - wie resilient sind unsere Systeme und wo besteht Handlungsbedarf? : 32. Trinkwasserkolloquium, 20.02.2020Langner, Markus; Gudera, Thomas; Jeromin, Christoph; Haakh, Frieder; Ott, Franz; Witte, Ralf