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Authors: Lischke, Lars
Knierim, Pascal
Klinke, Hermann
Title: Mid-Air gestures for window management on large displays
Issue Date: 2015 Konferenzbeitrag Diefenbach, Sarah (Hrsg.) ; Henze, Niels (Hrsg.) ; Pielot, Martin (Hrsg.): Mensch und Computer 2015 - Proceedings. Berlin : de Gruyter, 2015. - ISBN 978-3-11-044334-9, S. 439-442
Abstract: We can observe a continuous trend for using larger screens with higher resolutions and greater pixel density. With advances in hard- and software technology, wall-sized displays for daily office work are already on the horizon. We assume that there will be no hard paradigm change in interaction techniques in the near future. Therefore, new concepts for wall-sized displays will be included in existing products. Designing interaction concepts for wall-sized displays in an office environment is a challenging task. Most crucial is designing appropriate input techniques. Moving the mouse pointer from one corner to another over a longer distance is cumbersome. However, pointing with a mouse is precise and common-place. We propose using mid-air gestures to support input with mouse and keyboard on large displays. In particular, we designed a gesture set for manipulating regular windows.
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