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Authors: Groebel, Markus
Allgöwer, Frank
Storz, Markus
Gilles, Ernst Dieter
Title: Nonlinear control of high purity distillation columns
Issue Date: 1994 Konferenzbeitrag Your bridge to the technologies of tomorrow : AIChE 1994 Annual Meeting, November 13-18, San Francisco Hilton and Towers Hotel, San Francisco, California. New York : Aiche, 1994, 14 S.
Abstract: Two simple models of distillation columns are studied to investigate their suitability for the practical use with exact I/O-linearization. An extension of exact I/O-linearization, the asymptotically exact I/O-linearization is applied to the control of a high purity distillation column, using one of these models to derive the static state feedback law. Simulation studies demonstrate the advantage of asymptotically exact I/O-linearization versus classical exact I/O-linearization techniques. Experimental results show the excellent performance of asymptotically exact I/O-linearization using a simple distillation model.
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