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Authors: Blajer, Wojciech
Schiehlen, Werner
Title: A concept for motion control of biped impactless walk
Issue Date: 1992 Konferenzbeitrag Seto, Kazuto (Hrsg.): First International Conference on Motion and Vibration Control. 1. Yokohama, 1992, S. 505-510
Abstract: An approach for modelling a biped impactless walk and for determining the control ensuring the realization of the reference motion is proposed. In order to avoid impacts, botb the motion of the biped and some ground reactions on it are specified appropriately, yielding a combined motion and force control ploblem. A concept is given for synthesizing a nominal (feedforward) control and and for designing a feedback controller. Finally, a short discussion on effective formulation of motion specifications and on an on-line control concept is provided. The impactless planar walking of a seven-link biped serves as an illustration.
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