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Authors: Bestle, Dieter
Eberhard, Peter
Title: Analyzing and optimizing multibody systems
Issue Date: 1992 Zeitschriftenartikel Mechanics of structures and machines 20 (1992), S. 67-92. URL
Abstract: Optimization of holonomic as well as non-holonomic multibody systems is presented as a nonlinear programming problem that can be solved with general-purpose optimization codes. The adjoint variable approach is used for calculating design derivatives of a rather general integral type performance measure with respect to design parameters. The resulting equations are solved by numerical integration backward in time. A multi-step integration algorithm with order and step-size control is adapted for this application by including an interpolation scheme. Numerical experiments and a comparison to the common approach of approximating the gradient of the performance measure by finite differences show that high efficiency, accuracy, and reliability are achievable.
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