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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Genexpressionsprofile follikulärer Lymphome und ihre prognostische RelevanzStaiger, Annette M.
2016Investigation of tungsten exposed to fusion relevant intense H/He particle fluxes and thermal loadsLemahieu, Nathan
2013Genesis of amorphous calcium carbonate containing alveolar plates in the ciliate Coleps hirtus (Ciliophora, Prostomatea)Lemloh, Marie-Louise; Marin, Frédéric; Herbst, Frédéric; Plasseraud, Laurent; Schweikert, Michael; Baier, Johannes; Bill, Joachim; Brümmer, Franz
2018Deciphering the adaptation of Corynebacterium glutamicum in transition from aerobiosis via microaerobiosis to anaerobiosisLange, Julian; Münch, Eugenia; Müller, Jan; Busche, Tobias; Kalinowski, Jörn; Takors, Ralf; Blombach, Bastian
2017Valorization of pyrolysis water: a biorefinery side stream, for 1,2‑propanediol production with engineered Corynebacterium glutamicumLange, Julian; Müller, Felix; Bernecker, Kerstin; Dahmen, Nicolaus; Takors, Ralf; Blombach, Bastian
2017Die Rolle des p53-Status für die Sensitivität von Tumoren gegenüber unterschiedlichen p53 AktivatorenWeilbacher, Andrea
2018Experimental and numerical study of turbulence in fusion plasmas using reflectometry synthetic diagnosticsZadvitskiy, Georgiy
2018Triazole-based cross-linkers in radical polymerization processes: tuning mechanical properties of poly(acrylamide) and poly(N,N-dimethylacrylamide) hydrogelsGötz, Tobias; Schädel, Nicole; Petri, Nadja; Kirchhof, Manuel; Bilitewski, Ursula; Tovar, Günter E. M.; Laschat, Sabine; Southan, Alexander
2018Challenges and state of the art in industrial FSW - pushing the limits by high speed welding of complex 3D contoursHoßfeld, Max; Hofferbert, Dave
2015A global microRNA screen identifies regulators of the ErbB receptor signaling networkBischoff, Annabell; Bayerlová, Michaela; Strotbek, Michaela; Schmid, Simone; Beissbarth, Tim; Olayioye, Monilola A.