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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Dopamine D1/D2 receptors do not mediate the expression of conditioned place preference induced by the aftereffect of wheel runningTrost, Alexandra; Hauber, Wolfgang
2011A systems biology approach to analyse leaf carbohydrate metabolism in Arabidopsis thalianaHenkel, Sebastian; Nägele, Thomas; Hörmiller, Imke; Sauter, Thomas; Sawodny, Oliver; Ederer, Michael; Heyer, Arnd G.
2015Dopamine D1/D2 receptor activity in the nucleus accumbens core but not in the nucleus accumbens shell and orbitofrontal cortex modulates risk-based decision makingMai, Bettina; Sommer, Susanne; Hauber, Wolfgang
2015Modified TMV particles as beneficial scaffolds to present sensor enzymesKoch, Claudia; Wabbel, Katrin; Eber, Fabian J.; Krolla-Sidenstein, Peter; Azucena, Carlos; Gliemann, Hartmut; Eiben, Sabine; Geiger, Fania; Wege, Christina
2018A modified Kulka micromethod for the rapid and safe analysis of fructose and 1-deoxy-D-xylulose-5-phosphateShaw, Shreya; Ghosh, Robin
2019The methoxylated, highly conjugated C40 carotenoids, spirilloxanthin and anhydrorhodovibrin, can be separated using high performance liquid chromatography with safe and environmentally friendly solventsAutenrieth, Caroline; Ghosh, Robin
2019Mathematical modeling of diurnal patterns of carbon allocation to shoot and root in Arabidopsis thalianaKüstner, Lisa; Nägele, Thomas; Heyer, Arnd G.
2019Subcellular dynamics of proteins and metabolites under abiotic stress reveal deferred response of the Arabidopsis thaliana hexokinase-1 mutant gin2-1 to high lightKüstner, Lisa; Fürtauer, Lisa; Weckwerth, Wolfram; Nägele, Thomas; Heyer, Arnd G.
2019A low-cost fluorescence reader for in vitro transcription and nucleic acid detection with Cas13aKatzmeier, Florian; Aufinger, Lukas; Dupin, Aurore; Quintero, Jorge; Lenz, Matthias; Bauer, Ludwig; Klumpe, Sven; Sherpa, Dawafuti; Dürr, Benedikt; Honemann, Maximilian; Styazhkin, Igor; Simmel, Friedrich C.; Heymann, Michael