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Authors: Riester, Arndt
Title: Stress test for relative clauses
Issue Date: 2009 Konferenzbeitrag Riester, Arndt ; Onea, Edgar (eds.): Focus at the syntax-semantics interface. Stuttgart : University, 2009 (SinSpeC 3), S. 69-86
Abstract: A brief overview on the semantic differences between restrictive and non-restrictive relative clauses is given. Subsequently differences with regard to information status and focus alternatives are presented. I investigate, in a systematic way, which focus (accent) patterns on relative-clause constructions are (im)possible in which contexts and why this is so. In order to account for the infelicity of certain restrictive relative clause constructions a new proposal is made how to derive the contrastive properties of complex definite descriptions (focus phrases) involving relative clauses. The account presented in this paper gives rise to predictions on intonational phonology and sentence processing.
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