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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Naming the pain in requirements engineering: comparing practices in Brazil and GermanyMéndez Fernández, Daniel; Wagner, Stefan; Kalinowski, Marcos; Schekelmann, André; Tuzcu, Ahmet; Conte, Tayana; Spinola, Rodrigo; Prikladnicki, Rafael
2016Will my tests tell me if I break this code?Niedermayr, Rainer; Juergens, Elmar; Wagner, Stefan
2016Towards guidelines for preventing critical requirements engineering problemsMafra, Priscilla; Kalinowski, Marcos; Méndez Ferández, Daniel; Felderer, Michael; Wagner, Stefan
2016An industrial case study on the evaluation of a safety engineering approach for software-intensive systems in the automotive domainAbdulkhaleq, Asim; Vöst, Sebastian; Wagner, Stefan; Thomas, John
2016Empirical research plan: effects of sketching on program comprehensionBaltes, Sebastian; Wagner, Stefan
2012The Quamoco product quality modelling and assessment approachWagner, Stefan; Lochmann, Klaus; Heinemann, Lars; Kläs, Michael; Trendowicz, Adam; Plösch, Reinhold; Seidl, Andreas; Goeb, Andreas; Streit, Jonathan
2015A comprehensive safety engineering approach for software-intensive systems based on STPAAbdulkhaleq, Asim; Wagner, Stefan; Leveson, Nancy
2016Mining valence, arousal, and dominance - possibilities for detecting burnout and productivity?Mäntylä, Mika; Adams, Bram; Destefanis, Giuseppe; Graziotin, Daniel; Ortu, Marco
2013Naming the pain in requirements engineering: design of a global family of surveys and first results from GermanyMéndez Fernández, Daniel; Wagner, Stefan
2018Application performance management : measuring and optimizing the digital customer experienceHoorn, André van; Siegl, Stefan