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Authors: Rehm, Ansgar
Allgöwer, Frank
Title: H∞-control of differential-algebraic-equation systems
Issue Date: 1998 Verschiedenartige Texte
Abstract: In this paper H∞ control of high index and non-regular linear differential-algebraic-equation systems is addressed. Based on a generalization of the bounded real lemma (BRL) to index one systems, all linear output feedback controllers in standard, ie non-descriptor, state space form solving the H∞ control problem can be characterized via biaffine matrix inequalities (BMIs). In a second step a congruence transformation and a subsequent change of variables show that certain linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) necessarily must hold in order to admit a solution of the H∞ control problem. However, these conditions are not sufficient. Necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of a controller solving the H∞ control problem are derived as BMIs of reduced order compared to the original characterization via the BRL. The approach is illustrated by a simple example.
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