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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011LIDAR assisted collective pitch controlSchlipf, David; Bossanyi, Ervin; Carcangiu, Carlo Enrico; Fischer, Tim; Maul, Timo; Rossetti, Michele
2012Comparison of feedforward and model predictive control of wind turbines using LIDARSchlipf, David; Pao, Lucy Y.; Cheng, Po Wen
2015Optimization of a feed-forward controller using a CW-lidar system on the CART3Haizmann, Florian; Schlipf, David; Raach, Steffen; Scholbrock, Andrew; Wright, Alan; Slinger, Chris; Medley, John; Harris, Michael; Bossanyi, Ervin; Cheng, Po Wen
2010Load analysis of look-ahead collective pitch control using LIDARSchlipf, David; Fischer, Tim; Carcangiu, Carlo Enrico; Rossetti, Michele; Bossanyi, Ervin
2011Prospects of optimization of energy production by LIDAR assisted control of wind turbinesSchlipf, David; Kapp, Stefan; Anger, Jan; Bischoff, Oliver; Hofsäß, Martin; Rettenmeier, Andreas; Kühn, Martin
2013Direct speed control using LIDAR and turbine dataSchlipf, David; Fleming, Paul; Kapp, Stefan; Scholbrock, Andrew; Haizmann, Florian; Belen, Fred; Wright, Alan; Cheng, Po Wen
2011Testing of frozen turbulence hypothesis for wind turbine applications with a scanning LIDAR systemSchlipf, David; Trabucchi, Davide; Bischoff, Oliver; Hofsäß, Martin; Mann, Jakob; Mikkelsen, Torben; Rettenmeier, Andreas; Trujillo, Juan José; Kühn, Martin
2015Collective pitch feedforward control of floating wind turbines using lidarSchlipf, David; Simley, Eric; Lemmer, Frank; Pao, Lucy; Cheng, Po Wen
2014Tidal current turbine wake and park layout in transient environmentsArnold, Matthias; Cheng, Po Wen; Daus, Philipp; Biskup, Frank
2008Lidar technology for the German offshore test site "alpha ventus" - joint project in measurement developmentRettenmeier, Andreas; Schlipf, David; Wächter, Matthias; Käsler, Yvonne; Mellinghoff, Harald; Siegmeier, Björn; Reeder, Lennard; Kühn, Martin