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Authors: Nagel, Joachim H.
Schaldach, Max
Title: The non-invasive assessment of the uterine activity
Issue Date: 1983 Buchbeitrag Rolfe, Peter (Hrsg.): Non-invasive physiological measurements ; Bd. 2. London : Acad. Pr., 1983, S. 103-129
Abstract: All in all, uterine myographic recording has proved valuable in clinical trials. On account of the high information yield and the simplicity of handling, in particular for the simultaneous recording of fetal and maternal heart activity in addition to the uterine contraction curve, the procedure described is highly suitable for clinical routine work. The combined recording of the electrical activity of the myometrium and the intrauterine pressure will, it may be presumed, provide more information about the behaviour of the uterine musculature than either technique alone.
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