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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Scaling the productivity of laser structuring processes using picosecond laser pulses at average powers of up to 420W to produce superhydrophobic surfaces on stainless steel AISI 316LFaas, Sebastian; Bielke, Uwe; Weber, Rudolf; Graf, Thomas
2019Well-scaled, a-posteriori error estimation for model order reduction of large second-order mechanical systemsGrunert, Dennis; Fehr, Jörg; Haasdonk, Bernard
2019Hybrid system-in-foil integration and interconnection technology based on adaptive layout techniqueAlavi, Golzar
2019Stuttgarter Symposium für Produktentwicklung SSP 2019 : Stuttgart, 16. Mai 2019, Wissenschaftliche Konferenz-
2019IL-1β and TNFα differentially influence NF-κB activity and FasL-induced apoptosis in primary murine hepatocytes during LPS-induced inflammationRex, Julia; Lutz, Anna; Faletti, Laura E.; Albrecht, Ute; Thomas, Maria; Bode, Johannes G.; Borner, Christoph; Sawodny, Oliver; Merfort, Irmgard
2019Possibilistic calculus as a conservative counterpart to probabilistic calculusHose, Dominik; Hanss, Michael
2019Leitfaden zur Implementierung intelligenter Energiesysteme in WohnquartierenKlausmann, Florian; Göhler, Georg; Endriss, Felix
2019Adaptive method for quantitative estimation of glucose and fructose concentrations in aqueous solutions based on infrared nanoantenna opticsSchuler, Benjamin; Kühner, Lucca; Hentschel, Mario; Giessen, Harald; Tarín, Cristina
2019Design, fabrication and characterization of a cascaded plasmonic superlens for the visible spectrumLi, Huiyu
2019Kompensation von Magnetisierungsabweichungen in Permanentmagnet-Synchronmotoren durch selektive RotormontageCoupek, Daniel