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Autor(en): Herold, Heinz
Ertl, Thomas
Ruder, Hanns
Titel: Towards a self-consistent modelling of pulsar magnetospheres
Erscheinungsdatum: 1986
Dokumentart: Konferenzbeitrag
Erschienen in: Contributed papers / 8th Europhysics Conference on Computational Physics : computing in plasma physics; Eibsee, 13-16 May 1986. Garching, 1986 (Europhysics conference abstracts 10D), S. 3-6
Zusammenfassung: The numerical modelling of the general case of an obligue rotator is a very complicated time-dependent three-dimensional problem and in its full extent probably outside the capacity of present-day computers. A considerable simplification occurs if one can assume that the essential effects may be understood by modelling the magnetosphere of an aligned rotator (where the rotation axis is parallel to the magnetic axis of the neutron star). This assumption is only reasonable for small obliguenses, since by this approach all electromagnetic wave effects are not taken into account. An advantage, however, is that unipolar induction, which should be responsible for populsting the magnetosphere with charged particles pulled out from the neutron star surface via field emission, can be studied purity.
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