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Authors: Schau, Philipp
Fu, Liwei
Frenner, Karsten
Schäferling, Martin
Schweizer, Heinz
Giessen, Harald
Gaspar Venancio, Luis Miguel
Osten, Wolfgang
Title: Polarization scramblers with plasmonic meander-type metamaterials
Issue Date: 2012 Zeitschriftenartikel Optics express 20 (2012), S. 22700-22711. URL
Abstract: Due to plasmonic excitations, metallic meander structures exhibit an extraordinarily high transmission within a well-defined pass band. Within this frequency range, they behave like almost ideal linear polarizers, can induce large phase retardation between s- and p-polarized light and show a high polarization conversion efficiency. Due to these properties, meander structures can interact very effectively with polarized light. In this report, we suggest a novel polarization scrambler design using spatially distributed metallic meander structures with random angular orientations. The whole device has an optical response averaged over all pixel orientations within the incident beam diameter. We characterize the depolarizing properties of the suggested polarization scrambler with the Mueller matrix and investigate both single layer and stacked meander structures at different frequencies. The presented polarization scrambler can be flexibly designed to work at any wavelength in the visible range with a bandwidth of up to 100 THz. With our preliminary design, we achieve depolarization rates larger than 50% for arbitrarily polarized monochromatic and narrow-band light. Circularly polarized light could be depolarized by up to 95% at 600 THz.
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