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Authors: Schlipf, David
Fleming, Paul
Haizmann, Florian
Scholbrock, Andrew
Hofsäß, Martin
Wright, Alan
Cheng, Po Wen
Title: Field testing of feedforward collective pitch control on the CART2 using a nacelle-based lidar scanner
Issue Date: 2012 Preprint
Abstract: This work presents the first results from a field test to proof the concept of LIDAR assisted collective pitch control using a scanning LIDAR device installed on the nacelle of a research turbine. The purpose of the campaign was to show that a reduction of rotor speed variation is feasible with a feedforward update without changing the feedback controller. Although only a small amount of data could be collected, positive effects can be observed not only on the rotor speed but also on tower, blade and shaft loads in the case that the correlation of the wind preview and the turbine reaction is taken into account.
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