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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Electron spin resonance investigations on organic spin liquid compoundsMiksch, Björn
2022Learning with high-dimensional dataFischer, Simon
2022Intrinsic dimension adaptive learning rates for kernel methodsHamm, Thomas
2022Inhomogeneous fractals as a Martin boundaryKohl, Stefan
2022Transport and resonant soft x-ray scattering studies of cuprate superconductors under uniaxial stressNakata, Suguru
20223D printed micro-optics: materials, methods and applicationsWeber, Ksenia
2022A complete analysis and design framework for linear impulsive and related hybrid systemsHolicki, Tobias
2022Nonlinear optics in dense atomic vaporsChristaller, Florian
2022Thermodynamic uncertainty relation for stochastic field theories : general formulation and application to the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equationNiggemann, Oliver
2022High quality graphene for magnetic sensingHerlinger, Patrick
2022Quantization of algebras defined by ultradifferentiable group actionsBrinker, Jonas
2022Dielectric effects in complex fluidsZeman, Johannes
2022Variational cluster approximation at finite temperaturesLotze, Jan
2022Real-space spectroscopy of interacting quasiparticles in exotic semimetalsHe, Qingyu
2022Critical magnetic fluctuations in strongly electron-correlated systemsTrepka, Heiko
2022Electronic properties of rare earth vanadate heterostructuresRadhakrishnan, Padma
2022Integrating silicon carbide spintronics quantum systemsBabin, Charles
2022High pressure dielectric studies on hybrid crystals: perovskites and berylChan, Yuk Tai
2022Theory of yellow and green excitons in cuprous oxide with emphasis on correction terms and external fieldsRommel, Patric
2022Charge degrees of freedom in quasi-two-dimentional organic conductorsIakutkina, Olga
2022Probing the optical fingerprints of multifold Weyl semimetalsMaulana, Lucky Zaehir
2022Electrical transport and microwave study of a correlated two-dimensional electron systemTabrea, Daniela
2022Atomic scale electron spin resonance at high Zeeman energiesKot, Piotr
2022Thermodynamic uncertainty relations for time-dependent drivingKoyuk, Timur
2022Experimental technique to resolve the compressible/incompressible droplet landscape in a (Al,Ga)As quantum Hall sample and Hall potential profiles in a 3D TI mercury telluride sampleKühn, Maximilian
2022Collective excitations and order parameter dynamics in quantum materialsKim, Min-Jae
2021Desarguesian and geometric right ℓ-groupsDietzel, Carsten
2021Modeling the translocation of DNA structures through nanoporesSzuttor, Kai
2021Absence of the Efimov effect in dimensions one and twoBarth, Simon
2021A Bayesian approach to parameter reconstruction from surface electromyographic signalsRörich, Anna
2021Optical and quantum optical properties of a quantum dot-atomic vapor interfaceVural, Hüseyin
2021Topological band crossings in metals, magnets, and non-Hermitian systemsHirschmann, Moritz M.
2021Dielectric properties on the insulating side of the superconductor-insulator transitionEbensperger, Nikolaj Gabriel
2021Nanoscale magnetic resonance spectroscopy with nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamondPaone, Domenico
2021The stable module category inside the homotopy category, perfect exact sequences and equivalencesNitsche, Sebastian
2021On the eigenvalues of the non-self-adjoint Robin Laplacian on bounded domains and compact quantum graphsLang, Robin
2021Stochastic thermodynamics : from hydrodynamics to stochastic inferenceUhl, Matthias
2021A molecular-continuum multiscale solver for liquid-vapor flow : modeling and numerical simulationMagiera, Jim
2021Nonequilibrium steady-state physics with quantum master equationsKonopik, Michael
2021Invasion phenomena in pattern-forming systems admitting a conservation law structureHilder, Bastian
2021Correlated phenomena in graphene at high and low carrier densityGeurs, Johannes
2021Thermoelektronische Energiekonvertierung und ihre fundamentalen GrenzenWanke, Robin
2021Electrical conductivity in quantum materialsMitscherling, Johannes
2021Efficient simulation of challenging PDE problems on CPU and GPU clustersSchirwon, Malte
2021Symmetries and symmetrisation in quantum and electromagnetic multi-mode systems for balancing gain and lossDizdarevic, Daniel
2021Compressible multi-component and multi-phase flows: interfaces and asymptotic regimesOstrowski, Lukas
2021Terahertz and infrared spectroscopy of thin film cuprate superconductorsDawson, Robert David
2021Algebraic analogues of resolution of singularities, quasi-hereditary covers and Schur algebrasSantos Cruz, Tiago Miguel dos
2021Experimentelle Untersuchungen der magnetischen und elektronischen Eigenschaften von LaAlO3/SrTiO3-HeterostrukturenWittlich, Pascal
2021Tuning the properties and microstructuring of ionic liquid mixtures at surfaces through atomistic modelingKobayashi, Takeshi
Results 1-50 of 550 (Search time: 0.005 seconds).