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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023The phase field approach for reactive fluid-solid interfaces : modeling and homogenizationWolff, Lars von
2023Mixed-dimensional modeling of flow in porous mediaBurbulla, Samuel
2023Characters and character sheaves of finite groups of Lie typeHetz, Jonas
2023Static and dynamic investigation of magnonic systems : materials, applications and modelingSchulz, Frank
2023Advances in transition-state theory and applications to driven systemsReiff, Johannes
2023Scanning tunneling microscopy of superconductors and high field electron spin resonanceUhl, Maximilian
2023Thermal laser epitaxy : from fundamental physics to the growth of novel thin filmsSmart, Thomas J.
2023Laser ablation of covalent materialsKlein, Dominic
2023Magnetic microrobot collectives as a model system for self-organisationGardi, Gaurav
2023Thin-film InGaAs metamorphic buffer for telecom C-band quantum dots and optical resonatorsSittig, Robert
2023On two problems for the Stark Laplacian on domainsKöllner, Jan
2023Existence and non-existence of breather solutions on necklace graphsKielwein, Tobias
2023Total variation minimization via dual-based methods and its discretization aspectsHilb, Stephan
2023Resolving tunneling processes into Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states under microwave irradiationSiebrecht, Janis
2023Collective modes of the superconducting condensateHaenel, Rafael
2023Molecular dynamics simulations for the study of interaction between non-canonical DNA structures and biochemically relevant co-solutesOprzeska-Zingrebe, Ewa Anna
2023Regression from linear models to neural networks : double descent, active learning, and samplingHolzmüller, David
2023Quantum randomness certified by different quantum phenomenaChen, Xing
2023Stability of Einstein metrics on homogeneous spacesSchwahn, Paul
2023Correlated voltage dependent- and magnetic-reflectometry at transition metal/insulator heterostructuresIlse, Sven Erik
2023Quantum cooling : thermodynamics and informationSoldati, Rodolfo R.
2023Towards highly efficient single photon detectors for near- and mid-infrared using integrated niobium plasmonicsKarl, Philipp
2023On the uniqueness of the Calderón problem and its application in electrical impedance tomographyPombo, Ivan
2022Thermodynamic uncertainty relations for time-dependent drivingKoyuk, Timur
2022Dielectric effects in complex fluidsZeman, Johannes
2022Learning with high-dimensional dataFischer, Simon
2022Intrinsic dimension adaptive learning rates for kernel methodsHamm, Thomas
2022Inhomogeneous fractals as a Martin boundaryKohl, Stefan
2022Quantization of algebras defined by ultradifferentiable group actionsBrinker, Jonas
2022Integrating silicon carbide spintronics quantum systemsBabin, Charles
2022Collective excitations and order parameter dynamics in quantum materialsKim, Min-Jae
2022Atomic scale electron spin resonance at high Zeeman energiesKot, Piotr
2022High quality graphene for magnetic sensingHerlinger, Patrick
2022Electron spin resonance investigations on organic spin liquid compoundsMiksch, Björn
2022Electronic properties of rare earth vanadate heterostructuresRadhakrishnan, Padma
2022Nonlinear optics in dense atomic vaporsChristaller, Florian
2022Transport and resonant soft x-ray scattering studies of cuprate superconductors under uniaxial stressNakata, Suguru
20223D printed micro-optics: materials, methods and applicationsWeber, Ksenia
2022A complete analysis and design framework for linear impulsive and related hybrid systemsHolicki, Tobias
2022Variational cluster approximation at finite temperaturesLotze, Jan
2022Real-space spectroscopy of interacting quasiparticles in exotic semimetalsHe, Qingyu
2022From short-range to contact interactions in many-body quantum systemsHofacker, Michael
2022Functional & active plasmonic systems and metasurfacesKarst, Julian
2022Long-range order, bosonic fluctuations, and pseudogap in strongly correlated electron systemsBonetti, Pietro Maria
2022From classical to quantum stochastic resonanceMcMurtrie, Gregory
2022Experimental technique to resolve the compressible/incompressible droplet landscape in a (Al,Ga)As quantum Hall sample and Hall potential profiles in a 3D TI mercury telluride sampleKühn, Maximilian
2022Theory of resonant light-matter interactions in nanophotonic sensingBoth, Steffen
2022High pressure dielectric studies on hybrid crystals: perovskites and berylChan, Yuk Tai
2022Theory of yellow and green excitons in cuprous oxide with emphasis on correction terms and external fieldsRommel, Patric
2022Charge degrees of freedom in quasi-two-dimentional organic conductorsIakutkina, Olga
Results 1-50 of 593 (Search time: 0.004 seconds).