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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021On the eigenvalues of the non-self-adjoint Robin Laplacian on bounded domains and compact quantum graphsLang, Robin
2021Electrical conductivity in quantum materialsMitscherling, Johannes
2021Stochastic thermodynamics : from hydrodynamics to stochastic inferenceUhl, Matthias
2021Thermoelektronische Energiekonvertierung und ihre fundamentalen GrenzenWanke, Robin
2021Symmetries and symmetrisation in quantum and electromagnetic multi-mode systems for balancing gain and lossDizdarevic, Daniel
2021Efficient simulation of challenging PDE problems on CPU and GPU clustersSchirwon, Malte
2021Invasion phenomena in pattern-forming systems admitting a conservation law structureHilder, Bastian
2020Excitonic antiferromagnetism in two-dimensional t4 2g systemsFeldmaier, Teresa
2020Identifying street conditions by infrared spectroscopyBaumgartner, Andreas
2020Resolution and realisation functorsStein, Nico
2020Simulation and modeling of polyelectrolyte gelsLandsgesell, Jonas
2020Gluing silting objects along recollements of well generated triangulated categoriesBonometti, Fabiano
2020Spectroscopic investigation of defects and their impact on the physical properties of transition-metal-oxide heterostructuresKim, Gideok
2020Coupling single electron spins to external degrees of freedomOeckinghaus, Thomas
2020Linear response theory for equilibrium and nonequilibrium systems perturbed by nonconservative forces: the role of symmetriesAsheichyk, Kiryl
2020Uniaxial pressure study of charge density waves in a high-Tc cuprate superconductorKim, Hun-ho
2020Theory of leaky mode propagation in optical waveguide geometriesAllayarov, Izzatjon
2020Imaging microspectroscopy of functional nanoplasmonic systemsSterl, Florian
2020Stochastic partial differential equations on Cantor-like setsEhnes, Tim
2020From ground state properties to high energy spectroscopy : extending the application of DMFT for correlated quantum materialsSchmid, Michael
2020Uncertainty quantification with Lévy-type random fieldsStein, Andreas
2020Phase-space resolved decay rates of driven systems near the transition stateFeldmaier, Matthias
2020Electrolyte solutions at heterogeneously charged surfacesMußotter, Maximilian
2020Theory of nonlinear nanophotonicsDefrance, Josselin
2020Ultrafast laser sources : tunable, ultrafast laser sources for near- and mid-IR spectroscopyMörz, Florian
2020Hocheffiziente Präzisionsalgorithmen zur Modellierung und Analyse granularer poröser MedienZauner, Thomas
2020Perturbation and manipulation of leaky modes in photonic crystal fibersUpendar, Swaathi
2020Phase transitions in thermodynamically consistent biochemical systemsNguyen, Basile
2020X-ray and Raman scattering studies of novel phases in 3d and 4d transition metal oxidesFürsich, Katrin
2020Gendo-Frobenius algebras and comultiplicationYirtici, Cigdem
2020Molekulardynamische Simulationen der Laserablation an Aluminium unter Einbeziehung von PlasmaeffektenEisfeld, Eugen
2020Towards an underdamped thermodynamic uncertainty relationFischer, Lukas P.
2020Fluctuations and correlations of quantum heat enginesDenzler, Tobias
2020Virtual levels of multi-particle quantum systems and their implications for the Efimov effectBitter, Andreas
2020Algorithms and resources for quantum technology, sensing and random number generationGreiner, Johannes N.
2020Spectroscopy and engineering of single rare-earth solid-state qubitsKornher, Thomas
2019New permanent magnetic materials : efficient search, microstructure and magnetic propertiesKarimi, Roman
2019Functional renormalization group for strongly interacting Fermi systemsVilardi, Demetrio
2019Triplons in the excitonic Kitaev-Heisenberg model on the honeycomb lattice: condensation, interactions and topologyAnisimov, Pavel S.
2019A trace gas sensor based on Rydberg excitations : a proof of concept studySchmidt, Johannes
2019A scanning single-electron transistor array microscope probes the Hall potential profile in the fractional quantum Hall regimeGauß, Andreas W.
2019Interfaces in fluids of ionic liquid crystalsBartsch, Hendrik
2019A single electron sensor assisted by a quantum coprocessorZaiser, Sebastian
2019Spectral asymptotics for stretched fractalsHauser, Elias
2019Optical studies on two-dimensional organic conductors under high pressureLi, Weiwu
2019Nanometric magnetic resonance imaging with a wide field of viewZiem, Florestan
2019From Hermitian to non-Hermitian topological phases of matterRui, Wenbin
2019Probing the electronic structure of new 3D Dirac semimetalsTopp, Andreas
2019NMR spectroscopy with single shallow NV centersShagieva, Farida
2019Nonlinear phenomena on metric and discrete necklace graphsMaier, Daniela
Results 1-50 of 504 (Search time: 0.054 seconds).