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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A-type Ce2NCl3Schurz, Christian M.; Schleid, Thomas
2021The crystal structures of two hydro-closo-borates with divalent tin in comparison : Sn(H2O)3[B10H10] · 3 H2O and Sn(H2O)3[B12H12] · 4 H2OKleeberg, Fabian M.; Zimmermann, Lucas W.; Schleid, Thomas
2012Cs3Sm7Se12Schneck, Christof; Elbe, Andreas; Schurz, Christian M.; Schleid, Thomas
2011Defect scheelite-type lanthanoid(III) ortho-oxomolybdates(VI) Ln0.667[MoO4] (Ln = Ce, Pr, Nd, and Sm) and their relationship to zircon and the NaTl-type structureSchustereit, Tanja; Müller, Sabine L.; Schleid, Thomas; Hartenbach, Ingo
2013The defect scheelite-type lanthanum(III) ortho-oxidomolybdate(VI) La0.667[MoO4]Schustereit, Tanja; Schleid, Thomas; Hartenbach, Ingo
2021Hydrothermal synthesis, crystal structure, and spectroscopic properties of pure and Eu3+-doped NaY[SO4]2 ∙ H2O and its anhydrate NaY[SO4]2Buyer, Constantin; Enseling, David; Jüstel, Thomas; Schleid, Thomas
2023Luminescence properties of Y3F[Si3O10]:Ln3+ (Ln = Eu, Tb, Er) with thalenite-type host lattice and crystal structure of Tm3F[Si3O10]Schäfer, Marion C.; Petter, Michael; Hartenbach, Ingo; Locke, Ralf J. C.; Zhang, Shuang; Wickleder, Claudia; Schleid, Thomas
2011The matlockite-type praseodymium(III) oxide bromide PrOBrTalmon-Gros, Pia; Schurz, Christian M.; Schleid, Thomas
2011Na3DyCl6Schurz, Christian M.; Meyer, Gerd; Schleid, Thomas
2011Scheelite-type sodium neodymium(III) ortho-oxidomolybdate(VI), NaNd[MoO4]2Schleid, Thomas; Hartenbach, Ingo
2023Single crystals of EuScCuSe3 : synthesis, experimental and DFT investigationsGrigoriev, Maxim V.; Ruseikina, Anna V.; Chernyshev, Vladimir A.; Oreshonkov, Aleksandr S.; Garmonov, Alexander A.; Molokeev, Maxim S.; Locke, Ralf J. C.; Elyshev, Andrey V.; Schleid, Thomas
2023Synthesis, crystal structure and properties of the new laminar quaternary tellurides SrLnCuTe3 (Ln = Sm, Gd-Tm and Lu)Ruseikina, Anna V.; Grigoriev, Maxim V.; Molokeev, Maxim S.; Garmonov, Alexander A.; Elyshev, Andrey V.; Locke, Ralf J. C.; Schleid, Thomas
2013Tetrayttrium difluoride disilicate orthosilicate, Y4F2[Si2O7][SiO4]Schäfer, Marion C.; Hartenbach, Ingo; Schleid, Thomas
2023Three new lanthanum oxoantimonate(III) halides : synthesis and crystal structure of La5Cl3[SbO3]4, La2Sb12O19Br4 and La2Sb12O19I4Locke, Ralf J. C.; Bozenhardt, Kim-Natalie; Goerigk, Felix C.; Schleid, Thomas