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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20223D direct laser writing of highly absorptive photoresist for miniature optical aperturesSchmid, Michael D.; Toulouse, Andrea; Thiele, Simon; Mangold, Simon; Herkommer, Alois M.; Giessen, Harald
20213D printed micro-optics for quantum technology: Optimised coupling of single quantum dot emission into a single-mode fibreSartison, Marc; Weber, Ksenia; Thiele, Simon; Bremer, Lucas; Fischbach, Sarah; Herzog, Thomas; Kolatschek, Sascha; Jetter, Michael; Reitzenstein, Stephan; Herkommer, Alois; Michler, Peter; Portalupi, Simone Luca; Giessen, Harald
20193D printed stacked diffractive microlensesThiele, Simon; Pruss, Christof; Herkommer, Alois; Giessen, Harald
20213D-printed miniature spectrometer for the visible range with a 100 × 100 μm2 footprintToulouse, Andrea; Drozella, Johannes; Thiele, Simon; Giessen, Harald; Herkommer, Alois
2020Distortion-free multi-element Hypergon wide-angle micro-objective by femtosecond 3D printingWeber, Ksenia; Wang, Zhen; Thiele, Simon; Herkommer, Alois; Giessen, Harald
2021H+-conducting aromatic multiblock copolymer and blend membranes and their application in PEM electrolysisBender, Johannes; Mayerhöfer, Britta; Trinke, Patrick; Bensmann, Boris; Hanke-Rauschenbach, Richard; Krajinovic, Katica; Thiele, Simon; Kerres, Jochen
2020Mass-producible micro-optical elements by injection compression molding and focused ion beam structured titanium molding toolsRistok, Simon; Roeder, Marcel; Thiele, Simon; Hentschel, Mario; Guenther, Thomas; Zimmermann, André; Herkommer, Alois; Giessen, Harald
2020Stitching-free 3D printing of millimeter-sized highly transparent spherical and aspherical optical componentsRistok, Simon; Thiele, Simon; Toulouse, Andrea; Herkommer, Alois; Giessen, Harald
2020Tailored nanocomposites for 3D printed micro-opticsWeber, Ksenia; Werdehausen, Daniel; König, Peter; Thiele, Simon; Schmid, Michael; Decker, Manuel; Oliveira, Peter William de; Herkommer, Alois; Giessen, Harald
2020Ultrathin monolithic 3D printed optical coherence tomography endoscopy for preclinical and clinical useLi, Jiawen; Thiele, Simon; Quirk, Bryden C.; Kirk, Rodney W.; Verjans, Johan W.; Akers, Emma; Bursill, Christina A.; Nicholls, Stephen J.; Herkommer, Alois; Giessen, Harald; McLaughlin, Robert A.