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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Analysis of the substrate specificity of the SMYD2 protein lysine methyltransferase and discovery of novel non-histone substratesWeirich, Sara; Schuhmacher, Maren Kirstin; Kudithipudi, Srikanth; Lungu, Cristiana; Ferguson, Andrew D.; Jeltsch, Albert
2020Development of an epigenetic tetracycline sensor system based on DNA methylationUllrich, Timo; Weirich, Sara; Jeltsch, Albert
2017Enzymatic characterization of protein lysine methyltransferasesWeirich, Sara
2017H3K14ac is linked to methylation of H3K9 by the triple Tudor domain of SETDB1Jurkowska, Renata Z.; Qin, Su; Kungulovski, Goran; Tempel, Wolfgang; Liu, Yanli; Bashtrykov, Pavel; Stiefelmaier, Judith; Jurkowski, Tomasz P.; Kudithipudi, Srikanth; Weirich, Sara; Tamas, Raluca; Wu, Hong; Dombrovski, Ludmila; Loppnau, Peter; Reinhardt, Richard; Min, Jinrong; Jeltsch, Albert
2015Investigation of the methylation of Numb by the SET8 protein lysine methyltransferaseWeirich, Sara; Kusevic, Denis; Kudithipudi, Srikanth; Jeltsch, Albert
2021Low-level endothelial TRAIL-receptor expression obstructs the CNS-delivery of angiopep-2 functionalised TRAIL-receptor agonists for the treatment of glioblastomaKrishna Moorthy, Nivetha; Seifert, Oliver; Eisler, Stephan; Weirich, Sara; Kontermann, Roland E.; Rehm, Markus; Fullstone, Gavin
2017Somatic cancer mutations in the MLL1 histone methyltransferase modulate its enzymatic activity and dependence on the WDR5/RBBP5/ASH2L complexWeirich, Sara; Kudithipudi, Srikanth; Jeltsch, Albert
2015Somatic cancer mutations in the MLL3-SET domain alter the catalytic properties of the enzymeWeirich, Sara; Kudithipudi, Srikanth; Kycia, Ina; Jeltsch, Albert