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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Boussinesq’s problem of viscoelasticityWolf, Detlef
1993The changing role of the lithosphere in models of glacial isostasy : a historical reviewWolf, Detlef
1982Comment on "Geomagnetic depth sounding by induction arrow representation: a review" by G. P. Gregori and L. P. LanzerottiWolf, Detlef
1991Glacial isostasy and long-term crustal movements in Fennoscandia with respect to lithospheric and asthenospheric processes and properties : commentWolf, Detlef
1986Glacio isostatic adjustment in Fennoscandia revisitedWolf, Detlef
1985An improved estimate of lithospheric thickness based on a reinterpretation of tilt data from Pleistocene Lake AlgonquinWolf, Detlef
1982Inductive coupling between idealized conductors and its significance for the geomagnetic coast effectWolf, Detlef
1983Inductive coupling between idealized conductors and its significance for the geomagnetic coast effectWolf, Detlef
1984Isostatic compensation and continental lithospheric thicknessWolf, Detlef
1994Lamé's problem of gravitational viscoelasticity : the isochemical, incompressible planetWolf, Detlef
1986A method of calculating lithosphere thickness from observations of deglacial land uplift and tiltWolf, Detlef
1985The normal modes of a layered, incompressible Maxwell half-spaceWolf, Detlef
1985The normal modes of a uniform, compressible Maxwell half-spaceWolf, Detlef
1985On Boussinesq’s problem for Maxwell continua subject to an external gravity field : research noteWolf, Detlef
1986On deglaciation induced perturbations of the geoidWolf, Detlef
1984On the relation between two-dimensional and axisymmetric loads in plate flexure problemsWolf, Detlef
1984The relaxation of spherical and flat Maxwell earth models and effects due to the presence of the lithosphereWolf, Detlef
1986Reply to comments by Robert P. Comer [Letter to the editor]Wolf, Detlef
1983Singular solutions to Maxwell's equations and their significance for geomagnetic inductionWolf, Detlef
1985Thick plate flexure re-examined : research noteWolf, Detlef