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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Data center simulator for sustainable data centersOmar, Emad
2013Datenverwaltung für unifizierte Service-KompositionNaumann, Oliver
2014Decision support for application migration to the cloudDarsow, Alexander
2013Decision support for different migration types of applications to the CloudXiu, Mingzhu
2016Decision support for middleware performance benchmarkingAzad, Tayyaba
2019Decision support for migrating application's functionality to FaaSHamzeh, Rawad
2013A decision support system for application migration to the CloudSong, Zhe
2017Dekomposition und Komposition von MicroservicesGutermann, Jochen
2013Delay characterization in FPGA-based reconfigurable systemsZhang, Shihao
2017Deployment of TOSCA cloud services archives using KubernetesHaider, Md. Rezzakul
2020Deployment-technology-agnostic management of running applicationsMathony, Tobias
2016Description languages for REST APIs - state of the art, comparison, and transformationScherer, Anton
2017Design and implementation of a framework to automate the inclusion of patterns in existing architecturesRöhl, Aaron
2020Design of a software architecture for supervisor system in a satelliteKelapure, Sarthak
2017Design pattern detection framework for TOSCA-topologiesWohlfarth, Marvin
2019Design support for performance- and cost-efficient (re)distribution of cloud applicationsGómez Sáez, Santiago
2017Design und Implementierung eines Storage-Backends für MUSE4MusicBühler, Fabian
2017Designing a context-aware discovery service for IoT devicesKhan, Muhammad Arsalan
2020Designing and implementing usable, interoperable, and reusable services of AI planning capabilitiesGraef, Sebastian
2014Development of a Java library and extension of a data access layer for data access to non-relational databasesSchmid, Christoph