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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Partially ordered two-way Büchi automataKufleitner, Manfred; Lauser, Alexander
2006Polynomials, fragments of temporal logic and the variety DA over tracesKufleitner, Manfred
2007A proof of the factorization forest theoremKufleitner, Manfred
2011Propagation of states from BPEL process instances to Chevron modelsSchumm, David; Karastoyanova, Dimka; Leymann, Frank; Lie, Sumadi
1997A protocol for orphan detection and termination in mobile agent systemsBaumann, Joachim
1997A protocol for preserving the exactly-once property of mobile agentsRothermel, Kurt; Straßer, Markus
1999A protocol to detect malicious hosts attacks by using reference statesHohl, Fritz
2011A prototype for view-based monitoring of BPEL processesSchumm, David; Latuske, Gregor; Leymann, Frank
2010Rankers over infinite wordsDartois, Luc; Kufleitner, Manfred; Lauser, Alexander
2005Reachability analysis of multithreaded software with asynchronous communicationBouajjani, Ahmed; Esparza, Javier; Schwoon, Stefan; Strejcek, Jan
2005Realizing enterprise integration patterns in WebSphereScheibler, Thorsten; Leymann, Frank
1993Representing time in multimedia systemsWahl, Thomas; Rothermel, Kurt
1999A robust and efficient mechanism for constructing multicast acknowledgment treesRothermel, Kurt; Maihöfer, Christian
2002Ein Satz von Komponenten zur nachhaltigen Verwaltung und Umwandlung von frei formatierten WörterbuchdatenLagally, Klaus; Rzehak, Lutz
1998The shadow approach : an orphan detection protocol for mobile agentsBaumann, Joachim; Rothermel, Kurt
2010Shortest paths and negative cycle detection in graphs with negative weights. I, The Bellman-Ford-Moore algorithm revisitedLewandowski, Stefan
2006Space-based computing and semantics : a web service purist's point of viewLeymann, Frank
2002Spatial aware geographic Forwarding for mobile ad hoc networksTian, Jing; Stepanov, Illya; Rothermel, Kurt
1999Specification and scheduling of adaptive multimedia documentsWirag, Stefan
1999System mechanisms for partial rollback of mobile agent executionStraßer, Markus; Rothermel, Kurt