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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20213D-printed miniature spectrometer for the visible range with a 100 × 100 μm2 footprintToulouse, Andrea; Drozella, Johannes; Thiele, Simon; Giessen, Harald; Herkommer, Alois
2020Arrays of individually controllable optical tweezers based on 3D-printed microlens arraysSchäffner, Dominik; Preuschoff, Tilman; Ristok, Simon; Brozio, Lukas; Schlosser, Malte; Giessen, Harald; Birkl, Gerhard
20193D printed stacked diffractive microlensesThiele, Simon; Pruss, Christof; Herkommer, Alois; Giessen, Harald
2021Embedding of ultrathin chips in highly flexible, photosensitive solder mask resistJanek, Florian; Eichhorn, Nadine; Weser, Sascha; Gläser, Kerstin; Eberhardt, Wolfgang; Zimmermann, André
2021Linking qualitative scenarios with quantitative energy models: knowledge integration in different methodological designsPrehofer, Sigrid; Kosow, Hannah; Naegler, Tobias; Pregger, Thomas; Vögele, Stefan; Weimer-Jehle, Wolfgang
2021Experimental investigations of micro-meso damage evolution for a Co/WC-type tool material with application of digital image correlation and machine learningSchneider, Yanling; Zielke, Reiner; Xu, Chensheng; Tayyab, Muhammad; Weber, Ulrich; Schmauder, Siegfried; Tillmann, Wolfgang
2021Chlorella vulgaris photobioreactor for oxygen and food production on a moon base - potential and challengesDetrell, Gisela
2017Silicon integrated dual-mode interferometer with differential outputsHoppe, Niklas; Scheck, Pascal; Sweidan, Rami; Diersing, Philipp; Rathgeber, Lotte; Vogel, Wolfgang; Riegger, Benjamin R.; Southan, Alexander; Berroth, Manfred
2021Environmental impacts of renewable insulation materialsGeß, Andreas; Lorenz, Manuel; Tolsdorf, Anna; Albrecht, Stefan
2021Pilot-scale experiences on a plasma ignition system for pulverized fuelsYoussefi, Reyhane; Maier, Jörg; Scheffknecht, Günter