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Authors: Johnson Jeyakumar, Isaac Henderson
Title: Distributed lightweight trust infrastructure with automatic validation for electronic transactions
Issue Date: 2019 Abschlussarbeit (Master) 68
Abstract: The goal of the thesis is to address solution to security threats faced currently by the transactions among devices in Industry 4.0 network. In order to address the cyber threats a demo version of a distributed light weight trust infrastructure is designed and developed, which makes use of the existing Internet Domain Name System (DNS) and its global trust anchor. Since it has high scalability and eases the burden on relying parties, in turn allows for highly efficient queries to support individual trust decisions. In this demo version a standalone private DNS infrastructure including Top Level Domains has to be developed with Raspberry pi Cluster. Further, the Security of the DNS for the trust infrastructure is enhanced in this demo version by implementing DNSSEC and also DANE Protocol with TLSA Resource Records. It also includes the core functionality of the \gls{lightest} example: Developing Trust Lists, Trust Scheme Publication Authority [7]. In the thesis a demo version of distributed light weight trust infrastructure is developed and visualized practically by designing an infrastructure for validation and authentication of data in the Sensor network of an organization using a Raspberry pi Cluster and also the flexibility of the light weight infrastructure is discussed by considering four important scenarios which can overcome the issues of data authentication in current Industry 4.0 predictive maintenance system. Also two different applications of Block chain technology related to data authentication in Industry 4.0 is discussed. Based on one of the block chain application "the Block chain based PKI management system" an idea is proposed how this can be incorporated into an IOT sensor network for certificate validation. Finally the two technologies block chain and distributed light weight trust infrastructure using DNS are analyzed based on five parameters namely performance, maintainability, manageability, security and cost.
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