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dc.contributor.authorHoorn, André van-
dc.contributor.authorSiegl, Stefan-
dc.description.abstractNowadays, the success of most companies is determined by the quality of their IT services and application systems. To make sure that application systems provide the expected quality of service, it is crucial to have up-to-date information about the system and the user experience to detect problems and to be able to solve them effectively. Application performance management (APM) is a core IT operations discipline that aims to achieve an adequate level of performance during operations. APM comprises methods, techniques, and tools for i) continuously monitoring the state of an applications system and its usage, as well as for ii) detecting, diagnosing, and resolving performance-related problems using the monitored data. This book provides an introduction by covering a common conceptual foundation for APM. On top of the common foundation, we introduce today's tooling landscape and highlight current challenges and directions of this discipline.en
dc.publisherTroisdorf : SIGS DATACOM GmbHde
dc.titleApplication performance management : measuring and optimizing the digital customer experienceen
ubs.bemerkung.externSIGS DATACOM GmbH has granted the authors the right to publish this version of the e-book online as open access. The original version of the e-book can be requested via The sponsor contents have been removed for this open-access version of the e-book. The full version of the e-book, including the sponsor contents, can be requested via
ubs.fakultaetInformatik, Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnikde
ubs.fakultaetFakultätsübergreifend / Sonstige Einrichtungde
ubs.institutInstitut für Softwaretechnologiede
ubs.institutFakultätsübergreifend / Sonstige Einrichtungde
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