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Authors: Röder, Marcel
Guenther, Thomas
Zimmermann, André
Title: Review on fabrication technologies for optical mold inserts
Issue Date: 2019 Zeitschriftenartikel 25 Micromachines 10 (2019), No. 233
ISSN: 2072-666X
Abstract: Polymer optics have gained increasing importance in recent years. With advancing requirements for the optical components, the fabrication process remains a challenge. In particular, the fabrication of the mold inserts for the replication process is crucial for obtaining high-quality optical components. This review focuses on fabrication technologies for optical mold inserts. Thereby, two main types of technologies can be distinguished: fabrication methods to create mold inserts with optical surface quality and methods to create optical microstructures. Since optical mold inserts usually require outstanding form accuracies and surface qualities, a focus is placed on these factors. This review aims to give an overview of available methods as well as support the selection process when a fabrication technology is needed for a defined application. Furthermore, references are given to detailed descriptions of each technology if a deeper understanding of the processes is required.
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