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Authors: Niewa, Rainer
Title: Metal-rich ternary perovskite nitrides
Issue Date: 2019 Zeitschriftenartikel 3647-3660 European journal of inorganic chemistry (2019), pp. 3647-3660
ISSN: 1099-0682
Abstract: Research interest in inverse perovskite nitrides, since the early beginnings in the 1940s has considerably intensified in recent years. Within the last decades exploration lead to a wide variety of new compounds, compositions and structural arrangements. Electronic properties of the novel materials span from insulating and semiconducting via semimetallic and metallic, depending on element combination. Similarly, magnetic properties qualify for various applications, according to frequently high Curie temperatures and saturation magnetizations, together with development of delicate magnetic structures and often occurring metamagnetic transitions, to give only few examples. This minireview is intended to give an overview on formation of such metal-rich compounds with focus on chemical systems and crystal chemistry.
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