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Authors: Fröhlich, Benjamin
Eberhard, Peter
Title: Comparison of local and global approaches for parametric model order reduction for systems with distributed moving loads
Issue Date: 2017 Konferenzbeitrag ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Multibody Dynamics (8th, 2017, Prag)
Abstract: In order to ensure a numerically efficient simulation of elastic multibody systems, model order reduction has to be employed for reducing the complexity of the underlying Finite-Element-Models. Elastic multibody systems with moving loads can be modeled as parameter dependent systems for which methods from parametric model order reduction have to be applied. In this contribution, two local and a global approach from parametric model order reduction are investigated. A comparison is made with respect to their approximation quality in frequency domain and time domain and their numerical cost in transient simulations. As a numerical example, a linear drive with a distributed moving load is considered.
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