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dc.contributor.authorGuenther, Thomas-
dc.contributor.authorDiegel, Lars-
dc.contributor.authorRoeder, Marcel-
dc.contributor.authorDrexler, Marc-
dc.contributor.authorHaybat, Mehmet-
dc.contributor.authorWappler, Peter-
dc.contributor.authorSoltani, Mahdi-
dc.contributor.authorZimmermann, André-
dc.description.abstractThermoset materials offer a multitude of advantageous properties in terms of shrinkage and warpage as well as mechanical, thermal and chemical stability compared to thermoplastic materials. Thanks to these properties, thermosets are commonly used to encapsulate electronic components on a 2nd-level packaging prior to assembly by reflow soldering on printed circuits boards or other substrates. Based on the characteristics of thermosets to develop a distinct skin effect due to segregation during the molding process, the surface properties of injection molded thermoset components resemble optical characteristics. Within this study, molding parameters for thermoset components are analyzed in order to optimize the surface quality of injection molded thermoset components. Perspectively, in combination with a reflective coating by e.g., physical vapor deposition, such elements with micro-integrated reflective optical features can be used as optoelectronic components, which can be processed at medium-ranged temperatures up to 230 °C. The obtained results indicate the general feasibility since Ra values of 60 nm and below can be achieved. The main influencing parameters on surface quality were identified as the composition of filler materials and tool temperature.en
dc.titleSurface optimization of micro-integrated reflective optical elements by thermoset injection moldingen
ubs.fakultaetKonstruktions-, Produktions- und Fahrzeugtechnikde
ubs.fakultaetExterne wissenschaftliche Einrichtungende
ubs.institutInstitut für Mikrointegrationde
ubs.institutHahn-Schickard-Institut für Mikroaufbautechnik (HSG-IMAT)de
ubs.publikation.sourceApplied sciences 10 (2020), No. 4197de
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