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Authors: Schlipf, David
Lemmer, Frank
Raach, Steffen
Title: Multi-variable feedforward control for floating wind turbines using lidar
Issue Date: 2020 Konferenzbeitrag International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference (30th, 2020, Shanghai) 340-347 Proceedings of the Thirtieth (2020) International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference Shanghai, China, October 11-16, 2020. Cupertino, Calif. : ISOPE, 2020. - ISBN 978-1-880653-84-5, S. 340-347
ISBN: 978-1-880653-84-5
ISSN: 1098-6189
Abstract: In this work a multi-variable feedforward controller for floating wind turbines is presented. The feedforward controller provides a pitch rate and a torque update to a conventional feedback controller based on a wind speed preview. A 10 MW reference wind turbine is used on a semi submersible floating platform to study the potential of the controller. An open-source simulation tool is extended with an realistic lidar simulator and the lidar data processing, feedforward controller, and feedback controller are implemented in modular setup. The lidar measurements are fully motion compensated and combined to provide a preview of the rotor-effective wind speed to the controller. The feedforward controller is designed to minimize structural loads and to decrease the platform pitch motion. In verification and simulation studies the concept is demonstrated and the multi-variable feedforward controller shows a promising improvement in speed regulation and load reduction on the floating wind turbine.
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