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Authors: Osorno Tejada, Maria Camila
Title: Multiscale modelling of hydro-mechanical coupling in porous media
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Stuttgart : Institute of Applied Mechanics Dissertation XVI, 153
Series/Report no.: Publication series of the Institute of Applied Mechanics (IAM);6
ISBN: 978-3-937399-54-6
Abstract: Hydro-mechanical processes in porous media are phenomena that occurs at different length and time scales. This thesis presents a multiscale approach to model these phenomena with continuum approaches. On the pore scale, effective transport properties, e.g. the intrinsic permeability or the tortuosity, are numerically calculated. Further, on a Darcy or reservoir scale, the results of the Direct Numerical Simulations on the pore scale are applied to hydro-mechanically coupled (consolidation) problems and fluid-filled fractures.
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