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Authors: Kretschmer, Matthias
Jonkman, Jason
Pettas, Vasilis
Cheng, Po Wen
Title: FAST.Farm load validation for single wake situations at alpha ventus
Issue Date: 2021 Zeitschriftenartikel 1247-1262 Wind energy science 6 (2021), pp. 1247-1262
ISSN: 2366-7451
Abstract: The main objective of the presented work is the validation of the simulation tool FAST.Farm for the calculation of power and structural loads in single wake situations; the basis for the validation is the measurement database of the operating offshore wind farm alpha ventus. The approach is described in detail and covers the calibration of the aeroelastic turbine model, transfer of environmental conditions to simulations, and comparison between simulations and adequately filtered measurements. It is shown that FAST.Farm accurately predicts power and structural load distributions over wind direction with discrepancies of less than 10 % for most of the cases compared to the measurements. Additionally, the frequency response of the structure is investigated, and it is calculated by FAST.Farm in good agreement with the measurements. In general, the calculation of fatigue loads is improved with a wake-added turbulence model added to FAST.Farm in the course of this study.
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